Do you love Korean dramas? If so, you'll love Viki. Viki is a streaming website that offers its users the ability to watch Korean dramas for free. They have a wide selection of dramas to choose from, and new episodes are added daily!

This article will discuss some of the best Viki Korean drama videos to watch. So without any further ado, let’s begin…

1 - Encounter (2018)

viki korean drama

Plot: When she was just a girl, Cha Soo-Hyun's life dreamed of being perfect. She had it all planned out - the successful career as an attorney and then some time off to raise her son or daughter with someone who would make sure they were always taken care of financially so there wouldn't be anything holding them back from their dreams either way!

When this beautiful vision became too much for someone else's standards (her father), he decided it's best not only to divorce but also dilute what little bloodline left by marrying another woman.

If you are keen on romantic Korean dramas, then you should not miss this one, go to Viki Korean drama and watch it right now!

Cast: Park Bo-gum, Song Hye-Kyo

Genera: Romance

Directed by: Park Shin-woo

No. of episodes: 16

2 - Extraordinary You (2019)

Plot: When Eun Dan-oh wakes up one morning and finds out she's not the main character in her own life, it hits hard. She had always been an extra playing second fiddle to someone else. The twist forces this otherwise normal person into thinking about what kind of drama might have happened between scenes or during takes without even knowing...

Dan-oh finds herself stuck in a loveless relationship and is desperate to change her fate. She begins changing what happens next to ensure the true love will be hers.

Cast: Young-dae, Lee Tae-r, Kim Hye-Yoon, Rowoon, Lee Na-Eun, Jung Gun-Joo, Lee Jae-Wook

Directed By: Kim Sang-hyeop

Genera: Romance

No. of episodes: 32

3 - The Tale of Nokdu (2019)

a hot viki korean drama

Plot: The story is set in the Joseon Dynasty, where a nobleman named Jeon Nok-du lives with his family. He's always been told to be careful because someone from last night's attack on their home might come looking for the next, but he couldn't help feeling excited about all that happened - it made him feel alive again!

But things take a strange turn when these "women" show up at his house with no explanation as to why they spared him: All that matters now is figuring out who framed them so we can get back home...

The plot of this drama is fascinating and I guess you will be attracted to it. Watch this Korean drama on Viki will be your best choice to kill time.

Cast: Kang Tae-oh, Jung Joon-ho,Jang Dong-yoon, Kim So-hyun,

Directed By: Kim Dong-hwi

Genera: Historical, Romance

No. of episodes: 32

4 - Find Me In Your Memory (2020)

Plot: Kim Dong Wook plays the role of Jeong Hoon, an anchor for one of Korea's most popular broadcasting stations. He has a perfect appearance and demeanor, but he begins getting abrasive with interviews making people uncomfortable until they leave his show or give up on journalism altogether because it is too painful to be grilled by this guy anymore!

When he meets Yeo Ha Jin (Moon Ga Young), a top actress and model with hyperthymesia who has forgotten her past, Jeong Hoon feels an instant attraction to this woman but knows it can't be more than just sex because of their differences. But as time goes by, they start remembering some moments from each other's lives - including what happened the day she disappeared eight years ago without an explanation.

Cast: Kim Dong Wook, Moon Ga Young

Directed by: Oh Hyun-jong, Lee Soo- Hyun

Genera: Drama, Romance

No. of episodes: 16

5 - A Piece of Your Mind (2020)

korean drama viki

Plot: A Piece of Your Mind is one dreamy drama about an unlikely pair. Norway, where the lovers spent their youth together before moving to different parts of Asia and Korea, is home now for both adults who have children but still pine away over lost love like teenagers.

Kim Ji-soo was busy at the recording studio late one night. He's finishing up some new AI projects, but he meets Han Seowoo while she engineers music for him to mix into his album! They become friends and learn how love feels - helping each other heal their pasts together too.

Cast: Lee Ha-na, Kim Sung-kyu, Jung Hae-in, Chae Soo-bin,

Directed by: Lee Sang-you

Genera: Romance, drama

No. of episodes: 12

6 - Do You Like Brahms? (2020)

Plot: Chae Song-ah (Park Eun Bin) decides to forgo a business career and enroll in the university's music school. Despite her family's disapproval, she reapplies with this decision even though it is not what their parents believe would be best for their daughter or any other members of their household.

In this beautiful story about music and dreams, Park Joon-young teaches Kim Minjae to play the piano. Together they discuss what it means for someone who knows their worth as a musician but still needs help from others on occasion; finding that balance between being confident enough without feeling too disqualified or insecure when surrounded by other talented people is key!

This Korean drama is a perfect combination of music and plot. Music is not just background sound, not just atmosphere, musicality is also internalized into the rhythm of the show, internalized into the emotional flow between the male and female protagonists. If you're particularly concerned about how the music fits into the story, then this drama will satisfy your requirements. Watch it on Viki Korean drama now!

Cast: Lee Yoo-jin, Bae Da-bin, Park Eun-bin, Kim Min-Jae, Kim Sung-Cheol

Directed by: Jo Young-min

Genera: Comedy, Musical

No. of episodes: 16

7 - Flower of Evil (2020)

Plot: Baek Hee-sung is a perfect husband and father, with the bonus of being drop-dead gorgeous. But when his detective wife begins investigating a series of murder cases in town, Baek’s personality undergoes an unexpected change that will leave you a dilemma: should we believe what our eyes are telling us, or do they have something else up their sleeve?

When she digs deeper into his case, more questions are raised about him and how much of what people think is true actually might not be. She's forced into examining their relationship from all angles before making any decisions regarding themselves or anyone else involved in this situation because it could have potentially huge implications on everyone's lives if something goes wrong!

Cast: Jang Hee-jin,Seo Hyun-woo, Lee Joon-gi, Moon Chae-won,

Directed by: Kim Cheol-kyu

Genera: Thriller, Action

No. of episodes: 16

8 - Welcome to Waikiki (2018)

Welcome to Waikiki-viki korean drama worth watching

Plot: After three friends open up their guesthouse, they find themselves taking care of an adorable baby named Sol. The story ‘Welcome to Waikiki’ Centers on Kang Dong-gu (Kim Jung Hyun), Lee Joon Ki and Bong Doo SIK who decide that they all can have a better life together; one where there is no poverty or hunger - only laughter!

Uncontrollable laughs await you when this feel-good drama comes into view because it has everything: heartwarming moments between friends seeing what great people we are despite our differences while working hard at making sure everyone gets along... And also some pretty funny scenes to boot, including one during which someone drops his pants right before our eyes!

Cast: Son Seung-won, Jung In-sun, Kim Jung-hyun, Lee Yi-kyung,

Directed by: Lee Chang-min

Genera: Comedy

No. of episodes: 20

9- Guardian: The Great and Lonely God (2016)

It became an instant hit across Asia, as one of the best Korean dramas in history. So this Korean drama on Viki you’d better watch.

Plot: If you're a fan of K-dramas, then it's likely that Guardian has caught your attention before. Goblin is the name given to this show that centers around Kim Shin, who was wrongfully killed after being convicted for eternity as one in Goryeo dynasty history!

The premise of this drama is that a young woman named Ji Eun Tak has been chosen by fate to be the one who will remove an ancient sword from Reaper Kyung Soo's chest. She happens along as he meets his future bride, also known only on a first-name basis: " extermination." Together they embark on an adventure filled with laughs and romance, which we viewers can enjoy too.

Cast: Yoo In-na, Yook Sung-Jae, Gong Yoo, Kim Go-Eun, Lee Dong-Wook

Directed by: Lee Eung-bok

Genera: Fantasy, Historical

No. of episodes: 16

10 - The Divine Fury (2019)

one of the best horror viki korean drama

Plot: Here's your spooky story! The Divine Fury tells the tale of Yong-hoo, an MMA fighter who has a bitter relationship with religion after his parents die. Upon returning from one match in America and waking up stigmata as well having been given power by Father Ahn (Ahn Sung Ki), he becomes unstoppable against any evil that comes across him because not only does this guy punch whatever lights out but also takes on all sorts of challenges.

Cast: Ahn Sung-ki, Woo Do-hwan, Park Seo-jun

Directed by: Jason Kim

Genera: Horror, Action

No. of episodes: TV Movie


We want to conclude by saying that the Viki Korean dramas we recommended in this post are not just our personal favorite, but they were also admired by passionate K-drama lovers and critics around the globe. And if you have not seen them yet, we suggest that you watch them as soon as possible.

These dramas are perfect if you are looking for something to watch that is entertaining and educational. All the dramas mentioned above are available on Viki, so be sure to check them out!