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Netflix has lured Duncan Jones from his Blade Runner-adjacent project Source Code with the promise of producing his first directorial effort, Mute. But what the streaming giant delivered is an overstuffed bag of eye candy. This lo-fi psychological thriller is about Sam, a moon miner. However, he is not alone; he is joined by another humanoid living on the moon. Contact with this other humanoid and the zero-g environment of the moon turn Sam's life upside-down.

I Am Mother is a sci-fi thriller

The sci-fi thriller I Am Mother follows the story of a teenage girl who is raised by a robotic maternal figure. But when the teenage girl meets a stranger, she finds out that she has been raised by someone she never knew existed. The teenager begins to question her mother's intentions, and the situation becomes increasingly tense. Luckily for her, Netflix has a wide selection of original sci-fi thrillers that are worth watching.

The premise of I Am Mother is familiar to fans of killer robot movies, but the story itself becomes less compelling as it gets into the nitty-gritty details and ethical conundrums. The story reminds me of a number of high-concept dystopian movies. However, I found the first iteration of the robotic Mother compelling and a reminder of the superior genre lineage.

The robotic character in I Am Mother looks like Emmet from the Lego movies, and the actress who voices it is Rose Byrne. While this movie is a little slow at times, it does not lack in emotional mileage. It's a cautionary tale about artificial intelligence, and I'm glad that Netflix picked it up. The film is available to stream on June 7th.

While I Am Mother isn't a perfect film, it's a fine example of the genre's potential to appeal to diverse audiences. This sci-fi thriller is about a robotic mother who raises her first-generation human offspring. The human daughter, who is trained in advanced engineering, medical skills, and moral philosophy, is raised by the robotic mother, but she becomes a victim of a human killer.

I Am Mother is a sci-fu thriller on Netflix. In the future, humankind will face extinction, but not yet. The world is too dangerous, and Mother's daughter is the only one who can save them. Mother tries to keep her daughter alive by nurturing her. She develops more embryos as a carrot. She hopes to keep her daughter safe. But as her daughter begins to question the mother's motives, an outsider crashes into their home.

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Spectral is a horror-action movie

Spectral, a horror-action movie, is an interesting genre mash-up that's worth checking out if you enjoy science fiction and military films. It was originally produced for theaters, but didn't get the big box office success Aliens did. Despite its limited box office success, Spectral is an entertaining horror-action film with goofy elements. Unlike some recent movies, Spectral jumps into sci-fi and action tropes with both feet.

The trailer for Spectral has just been released. Set in a war-torn European city, this film follows a team of soldiers who must protect the city from a mysterious phantom aggressor. The movie has a compelling concept and some impressive visuals. It looks better than many big-budget movies that hit theaters. It has a good cast, too.

The sci-fi elements in Spectral are balanced well. It doesn't feel like the technology is too fanciful, and its specters don't seem to be out of place in a near-future world. It also doesn't feel like a horror movie, thanks to its science fiction elements. The movie also uses military hardware to add to the excitement.

The story revolves around a group of soldiers who are trapped in an abandoned power plant. The soldiers must use their weapons to destroy the spectres before the spectres reach the building. Luckily, they have a good luck of getting to a safe haven and escape. With their newfound powers, they use energy weapons to kill the spectres, but not before getting into the power plant.

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Looper is an action thriller

If you're looking for a new action thriller, look no further than Looper, an exciting new movie from Rian Johnson. This sci-fi action thriller follows a group of contract killers who travel thirty years in the future. They are hired by a criminal syndicate to send their targets back in time, and when they die, they are sent back again. While Looper is a complex and well-made film, there are some plot holes that make it difficult to follow. The movie doesn't really explain how time travel works, and it is unclear why Joe, the old man, wants to kill his younger self.

The plot of the film is based on a manga series by Tsutomu Nihei. While the manga series was considered too bleak for adaptation, the film stars Tamzin Outwaite as a police detective. The film stars Jamie Dornan and Anthony Mackie. The writers of the movie have proven themselves to be exciting and innovative when it comes to sci-fi, and this movie is a great example of this.

Another sci-fi movie on Netflix that may be more suitable for people who enjoy action films is Looper. While the action genre is often thought of as being more challenging than fantasy, this action-thriller has plenty to offer. It is a thriller with elements of a classic sci-fi movie, including a creepy government operative, psychic powers, and a seemingly indestructible monster.

The plot of this futuristic crime movie is intriguing enough to keep audiences entertained. It follows a hitman called Joe Gordon-Levitt, who works for an organized crime syndicate in the future. The gang sends his targets back in time to collect their money, but he is able to escape the time loop by turning himself into an older man. Although Looper has its flaws, it's a fun sci fi movie.

Looper is another sci fi movie on Netflix that will definitely keep you on your toes. It features a brilliantly-made sci-fi story and impressive visuals. The movie has a plot that involves an intangible entity called the Shimmer. The Shimmer engulfs a huge tract of land in the southeastern United States, and people sent into it disappear. Eventually, one person is left behind, and she joins a team of researchers, led by Natalie Portman, who slowly uncovers the truth about the Shimmer and what's happening.

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Her is a film about falling in love with your phone

Her is a sci-fi romantic drama film directed by Spike Jonze. The film follows the story of a writer in the future who falls in love with his new operating system, Samantha, played by Scarlett Johansson. Although he is divorcing his wife, he is not ready to let go of her. The complicated path of love in this movie makes sense, as the two have a Platonic relationship without flesh.