Becoming a VTuber isn’t too easy; it’s also not too difficult; the thing is, you need to put in a lot of effort, from getting the necessary sets to crafting perfect, catchy avatars for your videos to gain more viewership and followers.

VTubing is fun, no doubt, but you need to have a full understanding of what it takes to be a VTuber if you wish to excel in the space. VTubers are pretty different from the regular online influencers you know; their contents are unique and more appealing.

Interestingly, this article explains everything you need to know about VTubing and what it takes to succeed as a VTuber.

What is a VTuber?

What is a VTuber?

In simple terms, a VTuber is a YouTube creator that uses avatar characters in his/her videos or live streams. So, simply “VTube” means “Virtual YouTube,” and the person who engages in this content creation niche is referred to as a VTuber. Now, this is a simple explanation of who a VTuber really is; below is a more detailed explanation.

VTubing originated from Japan, but today, many people from different parts of the world have identified as VTubers. While the term “VTube” means virtual YouTuber, which means it’s endemic to YouTube, there are pretty other platforms where you’d find content creators that identify as “VTubers.”

A VTuber is an online entertainer who uses virtual avatars created with special computer software apps or technology to relay a message in a video. The majority of VTubers are English and Japanese-speaking YouTubers and live streamers. Statistics show that there were over 10,000 active VTubers as of 2020, on YouTube.

VTubers have moved from using only YouTube to similar VTubing-friendly platforms such as Twitch, Niconico, and Bilibili. The first known VTuber (Virtual YouTuber) is Kizuna AI. Her popularity sparked the “VTuber” trend, and today, there are pretty many companies that sponsor VTubers.

The Revolution of VTubing

VTubing is done by YouTubers and Live Streamers; it requires creating an avatar character - a unique avatar that VTubers haven’t used. A VTuber can actually have multiple avatars for different kinds of videos, or to act as different characters in a video.

The avatars used by VTubers are created using special software programs such as Live2D, and they are animated using a software app or webcam. Getting into VTubing isn't so much an easy task because you need to take time to study the apps and techs used by existing popular VTubers. Most VTubers are open to listing and reviewing the tools they use.

Since VTubing originated from Japan (just like anime and manga), VTuber avatars are typically created based on Japanese popular culture and aesthetics. Also, some VTubers use non-human characters or anthropomorphic avatars; everyone tries to create a unique character to stand out from the thousands of VTubers there are, already.

Most companies pay VTubers to promote their products and there are several agencies that employ VTubers and pay them for creating VTube content centered on the company's demands.

What Does VTubers Do?

Aren't VTubers just creating anime videos and cartoons, which we've been watching since childhood? What's the fuss about VTubing? Well, what VTubers create isn't just anime characters or avatars. While they create similar content as regular YouTubers, VTubers stand out by assuming a "Persona."

VTubers either portray the person they wish to be, which they couldn't or appear in a typical persona that seems to capture the interest of their viewers. That said, one of the prior steps to becoming a VTuber is picking up a "Persona." VTubers adopt a certain personality and way of talking to their audience.

It is the persona of a VTuber that majorly determines the type of content the VTuber would output on his/her channel or page. Of course, some VTubers do not adopt male or female characters; they may adopt a trans persona or straight character. VTubers make more from fan/viewers donations, affiliate sales for products they use in VTubing.

Furthermore, some companies do endorse VTubers to help them with running paid adverts. For example, the most-popular VTuber, Kizuna Al is the national ambassador for Japan’s tourism organization.

VTube is entirely different from Vlogging; however, it is safe to assume that the widely accepted popularity of VTubing is what led to the break out of Vlogging (Virtual Blogging).

How To Become a VTuber | VTuber Requirements

How To Become a VTuber

If you want to start a career in VTubing, there are critical requirements you must need to meet. It's not like a regular YouTube video content creator, where you could create an explainer or how-to video and start getting views; VTubing requires more dedication and the use of the right tools.

Well, becoming a VTuber used to be a very tough "stuff" due to the technologies and devices needed for the setup. But thanks to technological advancements, there are now software solutions and apps you could use to quickly achieve a Pro-Level VTube setup.

Hereunder are the most crucial things you need to start VTubing on your chosen platform:


This is the number one thing you need to get started; you need a high-quality webcam, not your laptop’s built-in webcam. But, if you use a higher-end laptop with a super-quality webcam built into it, you could use it for the start.


You’d be needing a microphone (not your laptop’s built-in mic) to ensure high-quality sound. There are pretty many of them you could between $60 - $200.

Mobile Phone or Camera

Mobile phones now come with super-quality cameras, if you use a Google Pixel, Samsung, Redmi, or Apple device with a super clean camera, you may not need to buy a camera. However, if your device’s camera isn’t clear enough, get a standard camera for recording.

Character Creation Software

Vtubing is all about creating a unique character; to be able to do this, you need a VTube character creation software. There are pretty many of them out there with unique, outstanding features specific for VTubers.

Get a software that allows you to change your avatar's facial expressions, adjust background settings, motion capture, and perform more actions. Some of the most popular software apps used by Pro VTubers for character/avatar creation include VRoid and VDraw.

But there's something you must know. To compete with the current top VTubers, you'd be spending thousands of dollars to own the level of high-tech systems and software apps those pro VTubers use. However, you can start little - using your phone and some budget-friendly VTube software apps; when your subscribers/viewers increase, you can then throw in a lot of money to upgrade your "basic" setup.

Why You May Consider Being a VTuber

Yeah, people have their preferences, but hereunder are some reasons why a lot of people are picking up VTubing over regular YouTube content creation. Well, you may not agree with these reasons.

It’s Actually Fun

Creating a comic character that mimics a particular persona you've always wanted to be in real life. Also, VTubers use their channels to create exciting content based on their life experiences and other events that may have occurred in their life in the past. It's just fun for most VTubers.


Yeah, according to most VTubers, the niche gives them a lot of conveniences; they don't have to make up to appear before their viewers, or have to do physical preps before streaming a video; they simply dress up their character and make up their avatars, and that's all; interestingly, this is done using software applications, and can be anywhere - even lying on your bed while doing that.

Privacy and Anonymity

For content creators that love their privacy, VTube is the best way to stay private while still providing the same content as you would do if you were showing your actual face to the whole world - your viewers. VTubing lets you publish video content online without showing your real face or entire body.

This privacy is very important, especially if the VTuber is producing highly controversial video content that could him/her into a deep mess if the face should be seen. With VTubing, you can openly relay your mind without being bothered by being monitored, bullied, or threatened by anyone.

Build a Brand Easily

Generally, social media can help you to build your brand easily; however, VTubing is one of the best ways to create a strong impression online - especially if you love animated videos. VTubers help top companies in several ways, thanks to their unique characters/avatars, which can take any facial expression or pose to portray a message clearer.

For the viewers, they’re only interested in the fun-looking characters and the type of content you output on your channel. If you make high-quality entertaining videos regularly, you’d continue to gain more viewers and followers on your chosen platform, mainly YouTube and Twitch.

Creating a VTube Video

Businesses engage VTubers to achieve the following marketing or customer engagement contents:

  • Fun or quirky help videos with a comic VTube avatar.
  • Animate customer reviews
  • Create avatars for all employees of a company for specific purposes.
  • Short videos for TV television or social media ads.
  • Shopping videos to showcase products in a virtual environment.

Now to get started with VTubing, you need to get your VTube tech set up; we have listed the crucial ones you could get for the start (check above).

Step 1: Create your Avatar

The first step is to choose an avatar creation software and create a unique character with a distinctive persona. Apps like VRChat, PrprLive, and Wakaru are decent options for VTube character creation. You could either create your character from scratch or use a “sample avatar” provided by the software you’re using, then change the avatar’s characteristics to match your preference.

Step 2: Set up Your Channel

You could choose YouTube or Twitch as your VTubing platform, whichever you choose, create a channel, and provide good details about the type of content you're looking to share with your channel viewers and subscribers. Also, some VTubers share their content on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms.

Step 3: Follow a Content Calendar

It could be daily, weekly, or any other interval that’s fit for you. You may even let your followers know your content calendar so they would know when to expect new videos on your page or channel.

Consistency is one of the main keys to succeeding as a VTuber; against all odds, you need to be consistent and feed your audience with good content at specified intervals. You could offer expert interviews, live video game plays, or simply share your thoughts on certain topics.

Step 4: Recording a VTube Video

Firstly, you need to record the video, and then use your VTube software to convert the video you recorded into a “Virtual” video using your avatars and characters. One of the things you need to know is that being a VTuber does not pay off immediately; you need to be consistent and resilient.

Can You Download VTube Videos?

Apparently, you can. VTube videos are uploaded to YouTube, Twitch, and other social media platforms - it is possible to download videos uploaded to those platforms, you only need a "Downloader" that supports those websites and the StreamFab Downloader fits in perfectly. Thus, in other words, you can download VTube videos using StreamFab YouTube Downloader.

Using StreamFab YouTube Downloader

StreamFab Home Screen

StreamFab YouTube Downloader lets you grab videos from YouTube in 1080p quality. It also supports downloading Twitch videos, as well as videos uploaded to social media platforms. This downloader runs on Windows and macOS computers; it is intuitive and fast in downloading online media.

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First Step:

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 i  Win Download    i  Mac Download  

Second Step:

As the video starts playing, a download button would appear on the top-left corner of the video player interface. Click on the download button and choose your download options.

Third Step:

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Conclusively, a VTuber is a Virtual YouTube who creates content using avatars and anime characters. VTubers are limitless and can come in handy for any type of business. Also, VTubing can help you build your brand easily and gain thousands or millions of loyal followers.

For viewers, it is possible to download VTube videos; you just need a professional downloader like the StreamFab Downloader app for macOS and Windows computers. Hopefully, this article explained everything you needed to know about VTubers and VTubing.